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All About Popular Cat Breeds

by admin

Knowing The Most Beloved Cat Varieties Before You Buy Your First Cat

The cat fans that want to buy their very first feline, is important to know first the most beloved cat breeds before they decide which one becomes their future “roommate”.

In this short article I inform you shortly about the most popular cat breeds.


The Abyssinian cat have a habit to have a lot of energy, and is very active and playful. This cat is a great choice if you are looking for a feline friend that is funny and entertaining and the most important very attractive.

Abyssinian breed is a midsize cat, with beautiful green and gold eyes of an almond shape, and a striking ticked pattern. There are generally three different breed colours.

The first is called ruddy; this is where the cat is an orange and brown colour that is marked with dark brown or black.

The second colour for this breed is red; the cat has a warm color of fur that has chocolate brown spots.

The last color of this breed is blue; this is a unique color where the cat looks like they have a mix of different shades of slate blue.

They are a elegant and royal looking feline with soft, silky coats, and their hair is in medium length.


If you are looking for more of a loving cat that isn’t going to freak and claw you, the Burmese breed might be just what you are looking for.

The Burmese feline is of medium size pet, with quite a muscular body. Because they have a solid build, it might be a surprise for you, when you pick them up and feel the full effect of their weight.

They are pretty attractive with a short silky coat. With breeding over the years, we can choose between three different types of Burmese; the contemporary, the traditional, and the European.

The contemporary breed has a stocky body, rounded head, and very distinct round and set apart eyes. You can find them in colouring such as sable, champagne, blue, and platinum.

The traditional has closer ties to the original breed. They are more of a strong yet muscular build with a very different head. Unlike the contemporary, the traditional breed has a more rounded head and the face takes on a full look. You can find them in the same colours as the contemporary breed has.

European has a little bit more foreign look, much as the name suggests.
The European Burmese feline is more of an elegant looking cat with a slim body type. Their eyes take on a slightly slanted look and they can be found in more colours such as brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream, seal tortie, brown tortie, blue tortie, chocolate tortie, and lilac tortie.

In addition to being a beautiful feline, they are also a very loving and stay with you wherever you go.

They love to be with their owners and are very smart cats and great companions. They’re also great with children, and ideal to own as a family pet.

Egyptian Mau

If you are looking for a spotted cat, the Egyptian Mau is the way to go. They are the only natural breed that sports spots.
They are a very attractive and graceful feline and extremely muscular as well.

This kind of kitten is actually the fastest breed of native cat. Although they are quite muscular, they are not that heavy. They have rounded shape heads and alert looking ears that can be either of a medium or large size. Their pretty almond shaped eyes have a slight slant and green colour.

What sets the Egyptian Mau apart from many other breeds of cat is that they have spotting around their body that can vary in shape, size, and location.

They also tend to have an M shaped mark on their forehead that makes them more unique. They have lovely coats of medium length and can be found in various attractive colours.

Egyptian Mau is a very smart cat that is quite active, and extremely loyal to their owners.


Even if you are not familiar with the name of the Himalayan
breed, it is probably pretty likely that you have seen this feline many times, either at a friend’s house or in a movie or on television.

The Himalayan is a very popular and beloved kitten. The only thing is that although this is a very sweet and friendly cat, it is also a very time-consuming feline. Before you choose this cat as home pet, you have to consider as well all the combing of their fur that you will have to do in order to keep them from looking scraggily.

The Himalayan breed is not a petite variety, but a heavily boned feline. They have round body and are very wide-ranging, plus their coats only add an extra “body” to the rounded look that they already have.

There are two main facial types of this breed. The extreme and the traditional.

Both have small and rounded ears that are set low on the head. They have round eyes with full cheeks and a prominent chin. The extreme face gives the cat a round and flattened look.

The traditional also has a round head, but the nose is different and they have an up turned mouth. It has been observed that the traditional breed experiences fewer health- related problems than the extreme.

These felines are great as indoor pets. They are great if you are looking for a calmer type of pet that also has a streak of playfulness in them.

This type of cat needs the affection of their owner and loves to be combed and loved.


If you want a cat but don’t want to worry about its tail swishing you in the face or knocking down knickknacks, you might have interest in a Manx.

Believe it or not, the Manx cat is the only breed of feline that has no tai!!!

Although this feline has no tail it is defiantly all cat. They have a round sort of look, from their round head to their round behind.

Manx is a muscular and solid breed. What adds to their beauty is the short, glossy and beautiful coat that they have.

Although they are tailless, they do possess a kind of stub at their spine.

The Manx kitty has a great personality, is quite intelligent, and has an even character.

This cat tends to find one companion in particular that they truly love and are great with all family members. They are playful, active, and adjust well.


If you are really searching for a cat that you can pet, groom, and fawn over, the Persian might be just what you are looking for.

The Persian breed is an extremely popular cat that has a ton of hair!

There is no doubt that these cats look absolutely majestic and beautiful, but there is defiantly a fair amount of grooming to do.

What makes this particular feline so popular is that they are very sweet, loyal, and affectionate cats. Another great feature about choosing a Persian is that you can find one in almost every color or pattern imaginable.

Although a furry feline, the Persian is a heavy boned and wide cat, and it certainly gives the impression of roundness due to both body and fur.

If you are looking for a cat that will sit and watch TV with you, then choose a Persian. They love to sit around and laze away all day long with their owner.

They are gentle, sweet tempered, and trusting. Although they do enjoy lounging, you can also expect them to find the time to play after a good nap.

This type of cat needs the attention of their owner, but they won’t be obsessive about it.


Even if you aren’t quite a feline expert, you are probably well aware of what a Siamese looks like.

This cat has been presented in cartoon animations such as “The Lady and the Tramp” as well as other movies such as “That Darn Cat”. They are definitely a widely recognized breed no matter where you go. There is absolutely no denying that the Siamese cat is a very attractive animal. They have adorable big blue eyes and a gorgeous coat.

The body of the Siamese is a light color and the face, tail, paws, and ears are darker. They are a shorthaired feline, if you are looking for a feline companion that doesn’t require an enormous amount of grooming and doesn’t shed like crazy.

Siamese cats are a medium to large size kittens, that is considered very muscular.

As you might have observed in many movies, the Siamese cat is a very intelligent feline. In the same light, although intelligent they can also be quite annoying at times when they try to communicate with their owners through a very distinctive yowling sound.

If you are looking for a quite cat, the Siamese might not be a great choice! This is a cat that will try to get its way and is very needy. Siamese cats are also active and affectionate animals and you can have a lot of fun with them if they fit to your personality and lifestyle.


Obviously, these breeds I mentioned above, are not all of the cat breeds that are available to choose from.

The listed above cat breeds are a few of the most popular and many people find enjoyable to have them in their home.

There are many books or other resources that will list almost every type of cat breed imaginable, if you wish to keep looking for a breed that fits you.

Just as with any other type of animal, every breed is different and offers distinctive qualities just as every cat has a different personality.

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