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Burberry Pet Clothes for Dogs?

by admin

Yes, because your dog earns the best!!!

Burberry is among the world’s famous designer brand.

But Top quality trench coats and sweaters for canines? A thought that may make you raise your eyebrows!

Is today’s designer fashion offering out? Regardless of exactly what you might think, high-class designer labels also cater for your pets nowadays as does British high-end label Burberry who has simply released their own collection of Burberry clothing for dogs.

The most noteworthy items are the popular Burberry trench coat for pet dogs as well as the Check sweatshirt and Burberry canine leash.

Where did this pattern of dog clothes start?

The origins of dog clothes most probably originated from England due to its cold and moist environment. It was extremely simple for smaller pets to get a cold when they were taken out. So after a while it was not so difficult to discover that small dogs dressed in cover-up “raincoats” and in water resistant capes could avoid getting ill.

The idea of in fact dressing your canine and supplying them with a closet only came up just few years before.

Sparked by such celebs as Paris Hilton and her family pet chihuahua Tinkerbell along with the effective Hollywood film ‘Legally Blonde’, dressing your pet dog up has ended up being the supreme “must” in fashion and accessorizing.

From an alligator-skin pet collar and leash set to a sophisticated Burberry trench coat for canines, shoes, tee shirts, hats and more you can find almost whatever you use yourself in ‘pet sizes’.

Famous Clothes Brands in Pet’s Industry

Bloomingdale’s, Neiman-Marcus, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, all the greatest names in fashion have pawed their method into the really lucrative pet-accessories market, a market that collected an approximated $8 billion during 2004.

Burberry isn’t the only designer label launching their amazing brand in canine clothing collection. Burberry for canines is certainly the collection with the most fashion trustworthiness if you consider that as well as being English, have a lot of experience accustomed to bad weather. Thomas Burberry’s preliminary success was for outside wear, trench coats and sweatshirts.

Read more about Thomas Burberry .

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