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How To Choose The Best Dog House For Your Beloved Furry Friend

by admin

Does your pet dog have the right shelter?

If your pet dog enjoys spending time outside your safe home, the right dog house is a “MUST” for his health, happiness, safety and of course his well-being. Cool in the summertime, warm in the wintertime, and dry when it’s raining, is the perfect house for your dog. Selecting the perfect dwelling takes the right amount of thought, planning and searching.

So what do you look for and you really need in a dog house?

Do you need a simple one or would you chose a protected dog house to help shield your pet dog from cold temperatures.

Your start thoughts and plans can be about the size which is the most important factor. Big dogs need bigger shelters, small dogs smaller ones. Your furry friend must be able to comfortably fit inside it. All the dog house features in the world will be useless to him if he or she can’t fit in this house. Your dog should be able to stand, turn around, and lie down very easy and feel happy.


If you chose wood as your pet’s house material it’s a good choice. Wood is the most common and the best material for dog houses construction. Metal and plastic captivate heat and cold, fluctuating with the weather and providing a non-comfortable environment in extreme weather conditions.

If you choose wood, make sure it is not pressure treated and be careful of any toxic substances, such as paint and stains.

A good rule of thumb is that if it is safe for kids, then it is safe for your dog. It is also important to look for any sharp dangerous edges on the house and to make sure any hardware is well concealed to minimize the chances of your dog getting hurt. You don’t want to bring your four legged friend in danger and needing a trip to the vet.


Some luxury details are more practical than indulgent, such as an elevated floor, which will help control parasites, reduce the chances of flooding and isolates better against cold or warm ground.

Made from heavy-duty, water-resistant canvas, floor pads add extra insulation and comfort to the inside of the house. Also, weather flaps or doors help break the wind and blowing rain.


A hinged roof makes clean-up a snap for the owner, and operable windows can add well-being and freshening during summer months.

So when searching and purchasing for a dog house, remember that one size doesn’t fit all, safety comes first, and it is okay to search for what really matters!

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