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A Gift Basket For Man’s Best Friend

by admin
in Pets

You have given almost everyone a gift! How about giving your best friend a present, too?

I mean giving someone’s pet dog a gift basket containing few nice things inside.

Got qualms on how to go about the putting stuffs together of one dog gift basket for your dog-lover friend? Here’s some simple tips or ideas that won’t cost you much:

How about a dog gift basket for more TLC pet food  for your pal’s dog?

You can also never go wrong with a spa gift  basket that will surely help your buddy pamper his or her pet. Aside from the thoughtfulness on caring for your friend’s best pet pal, the benefit of a nice smelling dog is a plus, too. There are also many amazing Dog Toys  for the Brain, teeth and feet to purchase and put in the basket also.


How to create a pet-worthy dog gift basket

Here’s how to create that amazing pet-worthy dog gift basket containing SPA stuffs and training dog toys.

The SPA products for the gift basket

Select quality and useful dog grooming goods . Search better for products with labels that indicate the ingredients. Products with the owner’s favour fragrances should be considered also. A dog shampoo and conditioner, a complementing pet perfume, a dog hair brush or a detangler to untangle matted dog hair can also be a good option, too. This gift is very useful especially if the dog is a long haired one. Some balm for the dog’s paw pads, a nail clipper, an ear cleaner and much more other pet care products can be nice additions to fill your pet gift basket with.

Pet toys, training the dog’s brain, teeth and feet

Thinking of the best amazing toys that suit your dog gift basket? Have a look through the dog toys below and see what fits the pet you want to give this present and of course your budget.

For dogs who love to chew:


Kong Jump’n Jack 

Kong Jump’n Jack  is a dog toy and a teeth cleaner and gum exerciser at the same time. It has a very unpredictable bounce that makes it a lot more fun for the dog to play with. It has a lot more surfaces that clean dog’s teeth. Kong Jump’n Jack also has slits that are useful for the gums to be exercised. You can find it in 3 sizes: small – medium – large.

See the best current prices online and in Amazon.

Squirrel-Dude-Busy-Buddy-chew-dog-toy-review-estore (1)

Squirrel Dude (Busy Buddy)

This is a unique and innovative rubber toy. It has four rubber prongs that cover the hole a bit which challenges the dog to give more effort to taste the food treats inside. The Squirrel Dude is durable and very chewable.

You can find it in 3 sizes: small – medium – large.

See the best current prices online and in Amazon.


Biscuit Block (Animal Planet)

This chew toy has four grabbing chambers distributed throughout the toy. Varieties of dog treats can be inserted inside to keep pets happy and busy. It has a crazy bounce brought about by its square shape with cut corners.

You can find it in 2 sizes: small – medium

See the best current prices online and in Amazon.


For dogs who love to run around:


Ball Stomp’r and Nerf Tennis Ball Stomper (Launch and Throw Ball Toys) 

This dog toy enables both young and older people to have a great time playing with their dogs. The Ball Stomp’r  and the Nerf Tennis Ball Stomper are the first ball launchers of their kind. The ball needs to be loaded, then stomped on and it will eject to a height reaching 100 feet with the regular ball.

The mini Ball Stom’r can reach up to a height of 60 feet. This toy has its own ball but tennis balls are a good substitute. It is also tough, water proof and very dog friendly. This is not chew-proof though so it should be kept after using.

The dimension of a regular-sized Ball Stomp’r  is 12 inches in length that uses a tennis ball sized ball. The smaller type is 9 inches long and uses a ball with the size of 2 inches.

You can find the Ball Stom’r in red colour and 2 sizes: mini – regular

The Nerf Tennis Ball Stomper is coming in 2 colours: blue – red

See the best current prices online and in Amazon.

For little explorers and curious dogs:

Dinosaur Egg Baby (Plush Puppies)

It’s an intelligence building toy.

The Dinosaur Egg Baby has three eggs inside that give out a squeaking sound. It has a secret opening underneath to test dog’s instinct in getting hidden rewards. It is 6 inches in height, 5 inches wide and 12 inches long.

See the best current prices online and in Amazon.


The joy of a pet-worthy dog gift basket

First of all choose a basket or container for the products to see how many products you can place inside. Flea markets or garage sales can be good places to see when you’re looking for excellent rustic baskets or containers to place the dog grooming products and toys in.

A waterproof tote is a good alternative, too. Choosing a colour that will complement the dog owner’s house might just make your dog gift basket one great home decor thus more appreciation for your thoughtful gift. Just make sure that all the products will fit comfortably inside. Now if you found a big basket, including a dog towel to fill out this basket is one great tip to follow. Shredded paper can be an alternative filling it also.

Top the gift basket for the dog with a thoughtful toy that the nice little fellow can play and get training with while enjoying the water or after its bath. Dog grooming books  can be particularly helpful to newbie dog owners. So you might want to include that in your dog gift basket, too.

Cover the gift basket with a cellophane. Choose either a clear or a tinted cellophane to cover your dog gift basket with. This will add to the put-together look of the dog gift basket and will eliminate the awkward look of the odd shapes of the items placed in the basket. Also, the cellophane can serve as a protection against rain and dirt.

Don’t forget to include a card and a nice big bow. The ribbon can also be used in securing the cellophane wrap. The card will remind your friend how thoughtful you are when it comes to the well-being of his or her pet. If you want to go a bit farther with your efforts on putting together a dog gift basket for your pal’s dog pet, search for a beautiful card with a humorous theme.

Other substitutes to the spa and toys gift basket idea is putting in gifts that will also benefit the owner such as dog calendars, novelty items with a dog theme, e.g., action figures, mouse pads with a dog picture, T-shirts with paw prints, dog magazines, and photo frames. Including more dog toys such as doggie bones and chew or intelligence toys for puppies as we mentioned above, will be more than appreciated too. Toys that exercise dogs, cleanse their teeth, rejuvenate their jumping ability and test their intelligence are always welcome. And a complete set of these toys would definitely make you a very thoughtful good friend and of course the dog owner (your pal) much more loved by his pet.

Also, if you prefer the gift items to be more of a surprise, wrap each of the items with a gift wrap that has a dog theme. You can also cover some of the gifts completely with some shredded paper-filling to add more surprise to the gift basket.

Now you can easily customize a dog gift basket for the delight of your friend and dog owner.

You can find all the products very easy online and in Amazon and in very fair prices.

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