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Bone Shaped Dog Toy Box – Store All Your Dogs Favorite Toys

by admin
A pet dog needs definitely few toys to have joy, to train his body and mind and not be boring the whole day and get messy. With all of those toys you plan to find and purchase for your furry best friend, you will definitely need a toy box. Why should you get your doggy a toy box? For beginners, when you store your dog’s toys in a box and keep them in the same place, he will always know where to go in order to find them. He will also feel special knowing that his possessions he loves the [...]

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio

by admin
Did you ever hear about pets’ home cameras? Do you have already one? Do you know already the amazing Furbo Dog Camera? When you’re out and about, leaving your amazing furry friend alone at home could cause a large amount of anxiety. Many people return home only to find that Lulu or Maxi have trashed the place all over. For a variation of reasons, I endorse some kind of pet monitoring device so that you can see what your dog or cat is up to when you’re not at home. With this way, you can relax as you know that [...]

iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

by admin
What is iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher? The iFectch  is an automatic ball launcher that was created specifically for pet dogs. It has an amazing elegant design and is capable of operating either on main power or battery. There are settings which will allow you to choose the range (distance) you desire. It can be used both outside and inside. The iFetch  will keep your dog amused for hours and hours. All you have to do is plug it in, and drop a ball in the funnel. When you’re tired of playing, your dog can continue playing fetch with iFetch. [...]

Pets’ Care: How to Check and Clean Your Cat’s Ears

by admin
A very important part of keeping your cat happy and healthy is checking and cleaning its ears. Because the ears are one of the few body parts that cats cannot reach themselves they need a little help from a loving cat owner. Keeping your cats’ ears clean is extremely important because any unremoved dirt, debris, or wax can clog the ears and cause bad infections. Regular ear cleaning at home augments your cats own basic and natural grooming habits. 1. How to check the ears During petting your cat, casually check your cat’s ears for discharge, redness, unpleasant smell, swelling, [...]

The Perfect Pet Grooming: for Dogs and Cats

by admin
Do you love pets? Do you have a dog or cat in your house? Pets are a part of the family and we have to give them proper attention and care and make them look healthy and beautiful, just like what we are doing to other family members. Pet Salons There are several Pet salons where you can bring your pet dogs and cats to have them groomed correctly. Pet salon owners can give you some basic home pet grooming advices and tips to follow so that you can personally attend to your pets' caring needs. The Best Look for your [...]

10 Hidden Pets’ Wintertime Dangers & how to Protect your Pet

by admin
Winter’s cold temperatures can be hard on everyone and extreme weather often create dangerous situations. This winter season, make sure you will take care not only yourself but remember to look out for your pets, too. They need much more than just fur and may be a coat to remain healthy and safe in the cold. Here are ten wintertime dangers for your pet you should consider. Insufficient Shelter Pets spending a lot of time outdoors need well-constructed weatherproof shelters to stay out of the cold. Be sure your pet shelter is windproof and place the entrance away from the wind too.