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Maxbella Dog Shedding Brush & Cat Brush for Shedding – Multifunctional 3-in-1 Cat and Dog Shedding Tool for Small, Medium & Large Dogs, Cats with Long and Short Hair

All of us love our pets and we want just the best for them.

At Maxbella, our commitment to your pets is through grooming. Your dogs and cats will appreciate our comfortable, multi-use Dog Shedding Brush & Cat Brush for Shedding ridding them of excess hair and dander!

Do you want for your dog or cat the best care of the highest quality?

Do you have more than one pet and many shedding tools are irritating for you?

Are you bored with usage of many tools on your pets?

Does your pet leave hair and fur on your furniture, floor or in the car?

Is there someone allergic to animal hair in your family?

Do you want content, happy and good looking pet with shining soft hair?

We have developed multifunctional cat and dog shedding tool, that will solve all these problems in few minutes!

Dog Shedding Brush & Cat Shedding Brush:

Pet shedding tool with 3 different sized interchangeable shedding heads in one package (2 inch, 2…

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