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The Right & Best Addition to Your Family: A Golden Retriever

by admin

The sporting dogs


Finding the right pet dog for you and your family is an important decision and choice.  There are several hundred breeds of pet dogs from all around the world so your selections are almost without limits.

The Kennel Clubs all over the Globus categorized the different breeds by groups. Each group has special and individual characteristics that are shared by all the breeds in it.  The Golden Retriever is in the Sporting Group between the pet dogs groups.


The Sporting Group is containing some of the oldest and most popular breeds.  Many of the pet dogs in this category were bred for hunting, although most people who own sporting dogs only keep them as family pets in our days, rather than  hunters.  The hunting traits, however, create some of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a sporting dog.  Golden Retrievers are the natural retrievers, so you can enjoy them fetching a tennis or dog’s ball and it seems to like it every time without getting boring.  Another trait is their outgoing personality, making sporting dogs the most enthusiastic and responsive partners for you and your family.


Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever was bred to be tough, strong and enthusiastic.  Don’t let their happy, silly face fool you.  While your Golden four legged friend will delight in lazing around the house or wrestling on the floor with your family, the breed is particularly skilful in the field and generally outdoors.

As small puppies, Goldens are full of continuous energy and can be especially mouthy. Make sure you direct your puppy’s need to chew to appropriate chew toys. Remember, puppies aren’t fussy and don’t discriminate. A chair leg works as well for them as a sterilized bone.

Goldens are very trainable, athletic, and good-natured. They have a keen desire to please. You can find them performing with tails wagging and eyes shining in the obedience, agility, and fly ball arenas. They are also the excellent furry friends of your kids.

The Golden Retriever has generally light yellow to deep golden honey fur colour. The coat tends to get a little deeper in colour after the first year of its life. They tend to be about twenty-four inches tall at the withers (shoulders), with females being slightly shorter. Their coat should be long and either wavy or flat. They’ll need to be brushed properly or their coat will form thick mats.


So, if you are looking for a very loyal friend and companion that will be great with your children or the adults members of your family, you should definitely find a local breeder and spend some time getting to know a Golden Retriever.



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