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Pet Misbehaving? It Might Be Your Fault

by admin
Worry, pressure and tension are at the foundation of many trouble behaviours in pet cats and dogs — and in some circumstances, human actions is the direct reason of a pet’s actions. Many pet owners fail to recognize this, though, and rather blame their furry friend for the “terrible” behaviour. You don't have to force your pet to face his fears (like nail trims). As an alternative, use positive and effective-reinforcement techniques to help him become relaxed with the tension-inducing activity. Concerning my knowledge and expertise, dog and cats owners make three mutual mistakes that cause problem behaviour to their [...]

How To Choose The Best Dog House For Your Beloved Furry Friend

by admin
Does your pet dog have the right shelter? If your pet dog enjoys spending time outside your safe home, the right dog house is a “MUST” for his health, happiness, safety and of course his well-being. Cool in the summertime, warm in the wintertime, and dry when it’s raining, is the perfect house for your dog. Selecting the perfect dwelling takes the right amount of thought, planning and searching. So what do you look for and you really need in a dog house? Do you need a simple one or would you chose a protected dog house to help shield [...]

Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Review

by admin
If you have a dog, or if you plan on getting a dog soon, you may be interested in a dog kennel. While looking through all of the different dog kennels for a friend of ours, we discovered the Aleko Heavy Duty Dog Kennel. During this review, we’re going to take a close look at the key features and help you determine if this dog kennel would be a great match for you. Measurements and Build This dog kennel measures 4’ high and has a diameter of 5’ by 5’. The kennel consists of a 20 gauge steel frame and [...]

iDog Midi Rechargeable Dog Ball Launcher Automatic Pet Ball Thrower

by admin
iDog Midi Rechargeable Dog Ball Launcher Automatic Pet Ball Thrower iDog has introduced an automatic dog ball launcher  for dogs of all sizes and we must say, not only is it unique, it’s also quite impressive. If you’re interested in seeing how it stacks up next to other automatic ball launchers for dogs currently existing on the market, keep reading this review as we’re going to jump into the design, performance and features of the iDog ball thrower. The Box   If you order the iDog ball launcher on the Internet, they ship it out in an iDog branded box, [...]

Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen – Exercise Pen

by admin
Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog Playpen - Exercise Pen When I took a close look at the Petsfit Portable Foldable Pop Up Dog PlayPen Exercise Pen, I liked what I saw and read. In fact, I liked it so much that I decided to inform immediately my friends and my about it! This is a light-weight and portable pop up dog playpen which will come in handy in a variety of situations. This playpen by Petsfit is relatively inexpensive, making it an excellent purchase. There’s a total of eight sides to it, and the mesh panels on the side [...]

Merry Products Wood Pet Home

by admin
Merry Products Wood Pet Home Many of us have a dog we love very much! Dog make an excellent company for both young and old people. Looking for few accessories for my beloved furry friend currently on the dog products market, I was surprised with all of these different and lovely toys, the styles of dogs’ houses and products aimed specifically towards canine lovers. In the past, growing up, I don’t remember seeing this much stuff for Rover! While there are plenty of neat toys, today, I decided to take a look at all of the dog houses (I was [...]

Dog Travel Bag – Week Away Tote

by admin
Dog Travel Bag – Week Away Tote Personally, when I go on a vacation, I cannot stand leaving my dog behind. My dog, the most of the time, goes wherever I go. Surely, if you’re a dog owner, you can understand how we feel about our beloved furry friends, right? To us, dogs are like our kids, so it makes sense not to leave them behind, especially when going on a long trip. While doing research, I found there were many totes aimed, specifically towards carrying stuff for our dog. That’s right, your dog can have his own suitcase!!! There [...]

Pet Fusion Ultimate Pet Bed

by admin
Pet Fusion Ultimate Pet Bed Just as humans like to have a comfortable bed to sleep on it, so do our dogs. If you have a dog or if you plan on having a furry friend in the near future, it’d be a good idea to get him a dog bed. A dog bed is the place your dog will go to in order to sleep and feel safe and comfortable. It will be his own place and no one else’s. It is important that you find a good dog bed, because after all, your four-legged friend deserves the best [...]

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl

by admin
Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowl  What is happening when dogs want to drink water? If the water is in a simple bowl, they seem to get water all over the floor, and don’t even care. Almost as if it’s on purpose. Despite it being cute, it’s for sure a big mess. When you have a dog in your family, you are expected to clean up behind him/her because you are a responsible dog owner.  However, on the other side, if there is a simple and good way to eliminate some of the messes your dog makes, by all means, go [...]

Milliard Outdoor Pet House

by admin
Milliard Outdoor Pet House   If you’re looking for a good addition to your yard for your beloved dog, then you want something that is robust and can withstand the test of time. You need something that will offer your four legged friend the shelter he needs and make him feel safe and comfortable. And you want something lovely and special, without having to spend your entire afternoon in your backyard, trying to figure out how to assemble it. Did I hit the key? I found for me and for you something very nice you can use and you don’t [...]