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Things You Need to Know Before Traveling by Car With Your Family Pet

by admin

Traveling with your pet can be a really enjoyable experience. Since animals can not do preparations for themselves, you will have to do it for your pet.

Examine Your Pet’s Condition

You need to be mindful of your animal’s physical condition prior to traveling. Animals that are ill, pregnant, too young or old should not be taken on a journey, and you must rather consider a pet sitter when you leave.

I also advise you before your long trip or vacation to make one or two shorter distances with your car, taking your pet with you and check its behavior and reactions during travelling.

Owning in a Car

When you have your animal in a vehicle, you should have it in a carrier  or a pet seat belt. The possibility of being struck by something, your family pet can become carsick.

When you have your pet in the car, you must take numerous breaks to let your four legged friend go to the restroom.

Never ever let your pet remain unattended for extended periods of time in the automobile alone, even in a shaded location (the shade will move over time). The car might over-heat and dehydrate your pet.

You have to be careful and don’t let your pet loose when taking a trip. The pet may run into traffic, get lost, and so on.


The list of the main things you have to bring for your beloved four legged friend is not so long:

* Pet Food and Water- You ought to feed your family pet the everyday food you typically feed it, and avoid suddenly changing the diet. If you are unsure where you are going will have the food of this company you normally purchase, bring some food with you. So be sure to bring along your furry-friend’s favorite food so as not to upset his stomach. Of course there are great road-worthy foods and treats on the market. If you will be cooking for your pet, make the food ahead of time, and pack it along with your own goodies. Your pet is used to drinking water from your hometown, and when traveling it’s a good idea to bring along as much of pet’s drinking water as you can, and rely on bottled water as back-up. I believe that bringing about two – three gallons of water with you it’s a good idea. It’s the best not to feed your pet right before a trip as a full stomach may brings motion sickness. You may want to consider an all natural pet calmer. You also want to have a travel water bowl  that does not spill.

Two leashes  and an extra collar  are very important. Remember that taking your pet out of the car for bathroom breaks must include his collar being secured and him being leashed (don’t forget the poop bags). A foreign territory brings unique smells that are so hard to resist, and your little beloved pet can escape before you can say, “Sit, stay.”

* Photograph of your animal and tags- There has been times when pets ended up being lost when taking a trip with their owners. You must also bring a description of your pet. These will help greatly if sadly your pet ends up being lost. Your pet won’t want to get lost, so be sure that he also has a current tag with an emergency phone number firmly attached to his collar  or harness . Most people travel with a cell phone, making this the perfect number for your dog’s tag.

* Keep a copy of all vaccination records in your doggy’s duffel bag. Should an emergency arise once you are on the road, you will have the important information you need. You will also need these records when boarding Fido for the day or overnight if you take in an excursion where your furry companion is not allowed. You should also check ahead and find out the vaccination requirements for any countries you’ll be visiting. You don’t want to show up and be denied entry (or worse) because your pup isn’t up-to-date on some of his shots.

Pet toys – Don’t forget the toys ! If your furry companion is a nervous pet, when staying away from home, help ease its discomfort by bringing as many toys from home as you can. Familiar smells and chew or scratch toys will help calm even the most anxious pet. May be you have to pack its favorite CD and your listening pleasure.

First aid sets / Kit – There are a number of pets’ first aid kits on the market, and if you have the time, you can even put together your own. Some essentials to include are: tweezers to remove ticks, styptic powder to stop toenail bleeding, eye wash to flush wounds, gauze bandages adhesive tape, scissors and antiseptic moist wipes.

*Safety restraints – Did you know that in some states or countries pet seat belts  are now mandatory for your pet? When you think of your best friend as a projectile in case of an accident, you understand the wisdom of securing your family pet to keep both of you safe.

*Seat covers and blankets – Vacations are supposed to be fun for everybody. Protect your seats with pet covers and blankets   made especially for your type of car. Be proactive: Always carry additional towels and wipes to clean off your rambunctious Jeep.

* Grooming supplies – (small bottles of shampoo and conditioner; brush and comb; pet clipper; no-tangle spray; super-absorbent towelstub faucet adapter; eye and ear cleansing pads; nail clippers; dog hair dryer)

*Bed and crate – Don’t leave home without pet’s favorite blanket  or bed . You don’t want him sleeping on the guest bed…or do you? Bring sheets too, so if your furry companion is accustomed to sleeping on the furniture, it won’t leave any signs and marks. If your pet calls his crate  his den, then bring it along for a good night sleep during your vacation.

The basic information in this post will be valuable to anyone who wants to travel with his/her animal.

Because family pets cannot do preparations for themselves, you will have to do it for your family pet. Family pets that are sick, pregnant, old or too young shouldn’t be taken on a trip, and you need to instead think about an animal caretaker when you leave.

You are ready to go—but before you back the mini-van out of the driveway, call your hotel to confirm your reservation and that they are expecting Fido. nothing says bummer like a newly implemented “no pets allowed” policy since you made your reservation.

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