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Virtually Indestructible Dog Ball

by admin
When it comes time your pet dog to destroy things, have you noticed how your four legged friend know all about it? What’s funny is, when a dog destroys something, he/she does not see it as destroying, but as great fun. What’s fun to them, however, may not be as fun for you as you have to clean up their mess. How many times have you find and purchased a dog toy, only to turn around and find it shredded up all over the floor, with the squeaker in the dogs mouth? Once the dog has officially scattered the toy [...]

West Paw Toppl

by admin
West Paw Toppl When our dog becomes bored in his environment, he may end up getting into trouble. And of course we love very much our best furry friend and we don’t want to become bored to death! During those rainy days, when you can’t take your dog outside to play, you need something that will capture his attention and take that boredom away. There are many interactive dog toys currently available on the market which you can find online too, some of them good, some of them not so interesting. Speaking about exciting toys, have you introduced your dog [...]

Puller Dog Toy

by admin
If you have an amazing beloved dog you already realized that he is a part of your family. This adorable special family member loves very much playing, but I am sure you have already noticed this because it belongs to his nature. I sure you already have for him a toy box full of dog toys for your pet friend. And now I’m asking: What about the Puller dog toy  for your furry friend– does this sound familiar to you? When I spoke to friend of ours few days before about this dog toy, although he’s a major dog enthusiast, [...]

Nerf Dog TPR Flyer

by admin
Nerf Dog TPR Flyer  As a child, do you recall “Nerf”? photo red flyer with title with link behind and the photo with link and a buy button under the photo with the text “in Amazon” They made some of our favorite toys back then, so when we saw the name “Nerf” pop up on dog toys, it immediately captured our attention. In this case, we are talking about the Nerf Dog Flyer link dog toy, which our 4 legs friends (especially those that love playing fetch) really love. Apart from the name being “Nerd,” what really made this toy [...]

iCode Dog Car Seat Cover & Pet Travel Hammock

by admin
Dogs are really the absolute amazing road companions and many of them love their car trips. With our dog, simply mentioning only the phrase “car ride,” sends him around the garden and the house with his tail riding. He enjoys hanging his head out of the car window because he wants to have a memorable car ride. Of course, there’s one drawback of having your four-legged friend in the backseat of your car and that is the mess he can leave behind. After a dog trampled through the woods, ran in the park, or walked in the city, you can [...]